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melted cheese heaven

melted cheese heaven

want the easiest appetizer of all time? well, besides store-bought hummus. this is a quick, delicious, melty, indulgent appetizer with only three ingredients: brie, almonds, and butter. served with either slices of french bread or crackers, the recipe is great to have in your back pocket! _________________________ melted brie with almonds ingredients one round brie, … Continue reading

ruby red

there’s something primal about a ruby rich red. with autumn upon us, jewel tones are back in the mix. this skirt is fabulous. silk & pleated with a hidden zipper. tulle under layer. fully lined. it looks great with tights. but i think i’ll try patterned ones. ________________________ ADAM Pleated Skirt, $265 net-a-porter

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I’m just a student. My passions are fashion, food, music, animals & travel! There’s nothing like putting on a pair of brand new 4 inch heels. The higher, the sexier! There’s also nothing like eating mom’s home cooked meals. That’s where my two passions meet. I cook a full, tasty meal … Continue reading