PPLT (pimento prosciutto lettuce tomato) sandwich

making lunch at work is always a challenge. this is easy. it also looks fancy as hell if you want to impress those who bring in cold pizza or ham sammies.

i’m sure it’d be great with bacon, but i couldn’t cook that at work.

this would be great for a weekend casual lunch or picnic, too.



pimento prosciutto lettuce tomato (PPLT)


  • your choice of bread (toast or roll)
  • pimento cheese
  • prosciutto
  • lettuce or arugula
  •  tomato, sliced
  • salt & pepper


toast or warm the bread.

arrange in this order: slather on a generous amount of pimento cheese on the bread. top with lettuce, followed by prosciutto and tomato. season with salt & pepper.

pimento sandwich plate

serve open-faced or top with an additional slice of toast.  serve with a side of chips or soup.

PPLT open faced sandwich



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