holiday table diy

this year i hosted ‘friendsgiving‘ for four of my lovely friends. being one of the rare occasions to have a full-blown dinner party at my house, i decided to get festive and decorate the table. i’ve never been a fan of tall flower arrangements or a crowded table, so i went with simple and pretty. i also wanted the decor to last through the winter, so not be too “thanksgiving.”

in order to save some money, i decided to make a few do-it-yourself projects: pinecone garland, handwritten placemats, and assorted gold pinecones. the rest of the decorations, including the table runner, flowers, and platters were all bought, but at a low cost:

it’s fun to mix and match what you already have to make it your own. the flowers were festive, yet not too fragrant, because you don’t want anything super strong smelling overpowering the room when you’re eating. the pinecones did have a cinnamon fragrance, but it kinda worked with the thanksgiving theme. the gold pinecones also make a good party favor!

thanksgiving table decorations


holiday diy: personalized placemats & gold pinecone garland


  • two bags of pinecones from Michaels
  • gold spray paint
  • twine
  • brown paper from Michaels
  • gold sharpie pen


pinecones: wearing gloves, spray paint each pinecone with gold paint. the easiest way is to hold them with one hand and spray with the other. do this outside so you don’t get the fumes in your house. set them down on something to dry. i used a big brown paper bag.

once dry, string half of the pinecones onto the twine, leaving about a foot of twine on each end to hang down. i wrapped the twine around the top of the pinecone, wedging the twine into the pinecone. you can tie it or glue it, if you want. once put together, hang on the wall. you can make it as long or as short as you want.

placemats: on the brown paper, use a pencil to outline what ever you want to write. for example, your guests’ names, the menu, the date, the name of the holiday, etc. use the gold sharpie to trace over the pencil. let them dry.

use the other half of the gold pinecones to decorate the center of the table and each placemat.

thanksgiving table

thanksgiving placemats

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