so halloween is soon! i’ll be in new york city with my boyfriend… so that means we gotta go all out!

the past two years, i’ve given it half of a thought since i’ve been in jacksonville for georgia/florida.

we’re not sure what we’ll be doing that evening (saturday the 30th), BUT we know we’re gonna do something collaborative (costume-wise).

so we have a few, pretty stellar options that we need to narrow down. this is where you come in…. i need your opinion!


1. katy perry & elmo

katy perry’s appearance on sesame street got quite the reaction! if you haven’t heard, she was lookin a little risque! she sang with elmo, and parents were pissed about her sexy get-up!

so, boyfriend would be elmo & i would be katy perry.

(previously, i suggested russell brand & katy perry, but my boyfriend wasn’t keen on wearing skinny jeans & a wig)


2. UP’s carl & russell

i just love this movie & i kinda wanna be a boy scout. the outfit would be easily put together for both characters. boyfriend would just wear a suit, bowtie, thick-rimmed glasses & a walker with tennis balls on the end. i would just wear a yellow polo, red scarf, backpack, hat, sash with buttons & shoes. the accessories would be the most fun. also, i can full up my backpack with awesome things like binoculars. plus, it would be sooo comfy! flat shoes in new york is always good!

i think this costume would be pretty funny! it would also be instantly recognized. and it’s pretty darn cute!


3. charlie brown & lucy

this costume, i believe, is the easiest and most safe. all i need is a blue dress & a football. all boyfriend would need is black shorts & a yellow tee with a squiggle. it would be the easiest to recognize & it’s pretty cute! a classic couple!



so what do YOU think we should be for halloween!? feedback is key!

1. katy perry & elmo —- topical

2. up’s carl & russell —- funny

3. charlie brown & lucy —- cute


2 thoughts on “halloweentown

  1. All of these options are hilarious … Charlie Brown and Lucy … might be too easy though. I would love to see you guys as the peeps from Up cause that is inventive and creative. I’m not going to lie … the Katy Perry and Elmo idea is so relevant and since I haven’t known about that till just now I think people who even get the joke will think you guys the coolest people ever.

    p.s. I’m really jealous you have someone to group costume with!

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