lovely little bits of info

i heard some lovely news yesterday! luckily, i like to share…


1. ASOS, a british online shop, has opened an american shop!

why is this great news? well… their clothes & shoes are trendy & cheap(ish). no more international shipping. and they’re having a huge mid-season sale!

so, check it out.


2.  it’s cold outside!

that means…. jackets, tights, sweaters, scarves and boots! unfortunately, my bank account isn’t too thrilled, but that’s another story.


3. there are such things as cement earrings.

yes, cement. sound uncomfy? not quite. these guys are awesome. they’re molded to look like pearls, but have a great edge to them.

best news? they’re $35. i introduce you to cement pearls.


4. it’s my dad’s birthday!!

yay! for he’s a jolly good fellow!

and i’m daddy’s little girl!


hope your day is as lovely as mine!

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